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Skye opened her eyes as the dust settled. What was Abby going to say? She hadn't meant to do it, it had just slipped out; even when they called her a freak, even when they started hitting her, she hadn't meant to do it.
She began to run; away from the playground, away from those little piles of dust.
The old barn, that's where Abby had said to meet if anything went wrong.She'd be there already; she'd know, Abby always knew.

Abby came running out, leading two ponies, as Skye arrived panting. And both girls mounted, while from the village came the wail of a police siren.

Miss Jones:
Miss Jones hurried towards the playground. They were bullying that new girl again; What was her name, Skye Wilde? She could hear shouting, and on rounding the corner she saw them all by the side of the football pitch.  The older kids had Skye surrounded, they were chanting the word freak over and over again. A couple of them had emptied out her bag and were throwing the contents at her; Skye was cowering down, using her arms to shield her head from the onslaught. Miss Jones broke into a run, but just as she was about call out, something happened; Skye straitened up, flung her head back, screamed, and the world exploded.

Miss Jones lay where the blast had thrown her, completely winded and dazed. She saw, through half open eyes, Skye, standing with arms outstretched, surrounded by mounds of dust where before there had been only children. As she watched, Skye seemed to wilt, she staggered slightly,  and then set off running, out the school gate and down the road. Miss Jones rolled over and struggled to her feet. She hurried unsteadily to the teachers room and grabbed the phone, then with a hand that still shook she pressed the nine three times.

Agent James Black:
"Agent Black, do you read me?"
The voice crackled and hissed through his earpiece; reception was poor at this range.
"Yes, I read you.  What's the news?"
He dropped his cigarette out the car window as he spoke; best to be prepared.
"We intercepted an emergency call to the police; a schoolteacher claiming one of her pupils just blew up some classmates"
He pulled on his back leather gloves.
"That sounds like our girl.  Where did this happen?"
"Coniston village at the head of the lake; we think they’ve run for the mountains"
He turned the key, and the engine roared into life.
"They? I should have known big sister would be here to! Get me some backup; I'll be there in five minutes"
The blacked-out 4x4 pulled out from the cover of the trees, and sped off down the road.
Agent James Black smiled to himself; the hunt was on!
I have been trying to write this story for some time now, but the next part just wont come; so here is the first instalment. If I get this story finished I will probably self publish on Amazon, but as that looks to be a long time coming I will be posting some at least some of it in instalments here on DeviantArt. These are meant first and foremost for your enjoyment, but I would be very grateful for any feedback you are inclined to give; including spelling and grammar correction. 



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